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Ballerina Tutu Skirt for Flower Girl

Hello, that is my first post here. Hope, I will find out all the great features of WordPress and start writing more frequently than I used to do before. So Tutu Skirt.. I have seen lots of them, some prettier some less, some for weddings some for birthday parties, some for kids and some for adults. So I decided to make one myself. For my little girl. And it came out quite pretty. And it was quite easy to make. And it was so fun to make that I decided to make 9 more for her birthday party. So will write about making them a bit later. Maybe even add my own tutorial, as I made some changes to original design while making a skirt.

So here is my result:

Ballerina Tutu Skirt for Flower Girl

and here is one great tutorial video I found:

Try it, because the skirt looks so pretty. It will be a great option for little flower girls and I am sure they will love it. And believe me, it is very easy to make. Mine took about 20 minutes.

Nia Person

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